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    The Captain Moses T. Fowler camp was chartered on September 29, 1995. We feel it is a great privilege to be able to honor and preserve the memory of our Confederate ancestors.
Captain Moses T. Fowler
    Our namesake was born July 14, 1821, near Woodruff, South Carolina. He was the second son of John and Nancy Fowler. Moses fathered seventeen children by two wives. When the War Between The States began, Moses was called into service as a member of the state militia and served three months as a Lieutenant, followed by nine months as a Captain.
    In 1862, some 100 volunteers, some church members, and others from the surrounding community met at old Fairview Presbyterian Church near Fountain Inn, S.C. and became what is known as the Bozeman Guard.
    T. Lewis Bozeman, a member of the church at Fairview, became their Captain and trained these volunteers for service in the Confederate Army. They trained for two weeks on the church grounds and then marched to Williamston, S.C. to catch the train for Columbia. They became a part of Company E, Hampton's Legion, and went on to the seat of the war in Virginia.
    Sometime that summer, Captain Bozeman became ill, found unable to serve in the war, and was sent home. Captain Bozeman died in 1870.
    In the summer of 1862, Captain Moses T. Fowler was transferred to the Valley of Virginia and assumed the command of Company E. He was wounded in the shoulder at the Battle of Riddleshop, Virginia. After recuperation at home he returned to the command of his troops and fought until Lee's surrender at Appomattox.
    Four of Moses's sons fought in the great conflict, two of whom laid down their lives for "The Cause". Captain Fowler died March 24, 1889 and was laid to rest in Old Fairview Presbyterian Church Cemetery.
    The Reverend Clark Berry Stewart was pastor of Fairview at the time of the war and went with the troops to the war in Virginia. Rev. Stewart escorted several Confederate soldiers killed in the war back home for burial.
    There are some forty-five soldiers of the War Between The States interred at Fairview Presbyterian Church, including Captains Bozeman and Fowler.  
    Each year, along with the Butler Guard of Greenville, S.C., our camp sponsors a Living History and Memorial event at Fairview Presbyterian. We have participated in the Christmas parades in Simpsonville and Fountain Inn several times, as well as the Chitlin Strut in Salley, S.C.
    Camp 1721 meets on the Third Monday of each month at the social hall of Fairview Presbyterian Church, located directly across the road from the church. Meeting time is 7:00pm, preceded by a social time,(and usually a meal), at 6:30pm. Anyone interested in learning about and preserving their Southern heritage is invited. If you need directions, you can .
    Membership is open to male descendants of Confederate soldiers and sailors.
"As long as courage is considered a virtue, we will defend the Confederate Soldier's good name"

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